With Alhazai Express Cashback Solution, you can perform withdrawals from your Bank account using our Point of Sale terminals or cardless services at any of our Express shops or partnered retail outlets.

Cashback at Alhazai Express shops or partnered retail outlets will allow card holders to perform withdrawals. All debit cards (able to be used at Nigerian ATMs) issued by banks are accepted at all our locations. Card holders who wish to perform Cashback able to work into Alhazai Express locations or partnered retail outlets with their payment cards will slot their card into our PoS or touch our cardless terminal and select the amount they wish to withdraw. After successful connection to the bank, a receipt will be printed for the customer and another copy to the Express shop. Once this is done, the cash will be handed over to the card holder.

We are working round the clock towards partnering with more outlets, such as supermarkets, filling stations, restaurants, hotels and airline offices in order to provide more access to cashback solution.

For information on fees and charges, visit Fees section of this site.